Sunday , January 22 2017

Earthquake Successful Identification MyShake App


Experts have identified 200 earthquakes in the past 6 months has developed an interesting app. MyShake the app can identify earthquakes. The app can be considered the earthquakes network. Its creators say MyShake identify small and large earthquakes, this app was released in February 2016 and have already downloaded the …

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Why Blood Groups are Different


There are different blood groups of people in our world, and in the blood of the basic elements are the same, but different things divide them into four groups. Scientists are still trying to figure that eventually proved fatal to so much blood groups in humans, but not take care …

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How To Live a Long Life With Exercise


Years of research and found that the surveyed thousands of people while at the Games of the exercise on cardiovascular risk can be healthy and long life. Cycling, swimming and fast jogging are the heart and physical fastest growing age. In a study published in the British journal has been …

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The Use of ATM Injurious To Health


If all use the ATM. Indeed, it is an extremely useful invention that made it possible to get cash from the bank at any time. But did you ever think that ATM and move your hands even with the cash? These are the bacteria that stick to your hands in …

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7 Things That Increase The Risk of Cancer


Did you know that smoking causes at least 15 different types of cancer? Nine of every ten victims of lung cancer in people who suffer from this disease. But regardless of whether or not you smoke, and there are a few things that increase your risk of a cancer patient. …

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Simple Ways To Prevent Skin Dryness in Winter

concept of cosmetic skin care.

With the arrival of winter is low in moisture content, which affects the skin and the skin looks explode with the rough and dry, Refresh your skin in winter and bedtime for the cold cream and green using standard moisturizers. Experts give little attention to the protection of the skin …

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Discover The Scoring Star of The Universe


The five years we reach the astronomical an international team, astrosemology ‘is a method of using the universe of the round star discovered that the 5 thousand light-years away, the light coming from it takes. It stars the Kepler space telescope has discovered it is very slow rotation on its …

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